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Looking for a new ride?

The right car, the right financing, and the right budget

Buying a car is a big deal. It’s exhilarating to cruise around in a vehicle that is your own. The unfortunate thing about vehicles is, they can be expensive. Which is why you want to make sure you’ve chosen the right car, the right financing, and the right budget.


You may have an idea of what you want. And it may be $80,000. Now that you’ve scratched that off the list, what do you need this vehicle for? Commuting to work, road trips, hauling equipment, taking the kids to soccer? Determine the best use for the car to begin narrowing it down. Learn what you don’t know by visiting a dealer. Test drive different vehicles to learn the feel and the way the car handles.



The initial price you see is for the base model. Think hard about your needs. Which additions are critical and which can be left out? Create a budget. Consider the price of gas, your mileage, and the fuel economy. Can you afford the fuel for this vehicle? Budget in oil changes, winter tires and other regular maintenance to make sure this vehicle won’t sink your budget.



Fortunately, this is the easy part. You can set up an appointment with the branch or visit one of our authorized dealers for a loan. Done.


Car insurance

This is something you can’t avoid. Luckily, as a Mountain View Financial member, the rates you’re eligible for on auto insurance will save you money. A lot of money.


Consider bundling your home and auto insurance to save even more!


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