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Wealth Management


Your needs as a seasoned investor or institution require in-depth understanding, care and a relentless focus on delivering expert counsel you can be confident in to deliver the results you need. You deserve the confidence that your established wealth is working hard for you.


At Mountain View Financial, we take great care in helping our members achieve their investment and retirement planning needs. We strive to provide sound investment advice that is best suited to the individual needs of our members.


Whether you want to begin saving for your first home, plan for your children's education or ensure a financially secure retirement, we are here for you. Mountain View Financial offers our members individualized solutions to help grow, preserve, and dispense their assets. We work closely with each member to determine financial goals and recommend suitable solutions to reach those goals.


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?Did You Know

Our experienced teams can help you transfer investments with ease, or begin building a nest egg for your next big dream. Choose from a variety of investment products suited to both the new and experienced investors. Book an appointment and we’ll help get you started.


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Retirement Counseling

Sailing smoothly through retirement takes proper planning and preparation. We help our members assess their retirement needs and design a plan that meets their financial and personal goals. We also offer investment options that will work hard for you so you can get on with the real business of life . . . living it.


Pension Maximization

Planning for retirement is a life-long process for most of us. We work hard, make contributions to pension plans and other investments that will secure a future when working is no longer desired or possible. Mountain View Financial can help you to make sense of your pension contributions, how much you can expect to receive and how to maximize every possible benefit to your advantage.


Portfolio Consultation

At Mountain View Financial, we recognize that there may be times when you need help making the most of your investments. That's why we offer specialized consultations to meet your specific needs. We work with our members to identify goals and values, assess risk tolerance, allocate assets and select the best investments. We recognize that life changes, as do markets, and so we monitor your portfolio to ensure that it reflects your goals and needs.


Inheritance Equalization

If a son inherited the family business, what does the daughter get of equal value? Consider the same scenario involving a family heirloom. This type of situation is not uncommon and can be very agonizing to families settling estates. Mountain View Financial offers an approach to inheritance equalization that helps our members effectively deal with difficult bequest issues. We design investment strategies to help members whose assets may be difficult to assess for value and cannot be divided into equal shares.

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