Mountain View Financial is a lot more than deposit and loans. Our guiding principles illustrate why we are in business:

Benefit of Local Ownership

Decision Making: Staying close to the people we serve is fundamental to our success. Being local provides us with the advantage of quickly reacting to changing trends in our marketplace, or by overcoming unique challenges through innovation and forward thinking. This ability to make local decisions can positively affect members with a farm or small business, who often require reliable financial advice and swift action.

Member-ownership in Mountain View Financial is represented by the purchase of Common Shares. A $5 investment gives each member the right to democratically elect and even run for a position on the Board of Directors. As an owner, you are also a shareholder.

This means you can have your voice heard on important directions of our credit union, which is decided by the Board of Directors and elected by you, our members.

Profit Sharing: Sharing our success with the people who make it possible is a fundamental principle of being a credit union. Mountain View Financial has paid over $23.1 million in Profit Sharing to our members since 1988.  Learn even more about Profit Sharing

The amount to be paid in Profit Sharing is determined annually by the Board of Directors based on our equity position and the profitability of our previous fiscal year. It is paid in November each year.

Your share of the profits is based on the type of products you use, the amount of business you have with us, and the number of shares you own.

Community Commitment

Community building: by working where we live, we understand the importance of supporting local associations, events and projects that benefit our communities and those who live in them. We invest directly in our areas through donations, sponsorships and scholarships. In fact, we contributed over 2.8% of our pre-tax profit in 2016, with the majority of decisions being made directly by our Branch Managers. In addition, our Charity Golf Classic, hosted annually in July, has raised $135,000 in the last 7 years for local organizations and projects.

People helping people: Mountain View is also proud of the tireless effort and community spirit of our staff, who donated over 3,000 hours of their time through volunteerism in 2016.

Learn about the $14,500 we donate in Scholarships each year to high school students on their way to post-secondary schools.

Personal and Professional Service

We strive to build lifelong relationships with our members. We believe this is achieved by understanding that each member is unique, and that by providing reliable financial advice in a friendly atmosphere, we are creating partnerships to last. When you bank with us, you are known by name, not by number.

Knowing our members and communities helps us to create quality products and services at competitive prices that meet the needs of our membership. In addition to our thirteen branch locations in Central Alberta, we also provide specialized service for our agriculture and business members through our Business Banking Centre.

Online banking, telephone banking and a network of credit union ATMs are also available. And while we will continue to improve our offerings with technology, our personal service and branch locations will always be a priority.

Service - it's about simple solutions that work for our members, our staff and the credit union.

A Dedication to Delivering Results

Our employees are the foundation of our credit union and the driving force behind our success. We are proud to hear many of our employees say that they work in a warm, family atmosphere that values its people. We are committed to building a solid credit union by enriching the lives of our employees through incentives, benefits, career advancement programs and a healthy work-life balance.

In return, our employee commitment is second to none, and our staff are building a positive culture dedicated to delivering results. By going the extra mile and taking the initiative to fully understand the financial needs of our members, Mountain View employees have truly embodied the definition of Owners Win!

Employee Commitment

Commitment to empoyees:

Our employees are the foundation of our credit union and the driving force behind our success. We are proud to hear many of our employees say that they work in a warm, personable, family atmosphere that values its people. By providing clear direction, support and career development opportunities, we are creating an environment which increases employee satisfaction, resulting in an even stronger credit union.

Commitment by employees:

Our employee commitment builds a positive culture dedicated to delivering results. Mountain View staff take a personal responsibility for understanding our members' needs and providing financial advice to help members reach their goals.