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  • Great rates on your new mortgage.
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  • Local advice from experts that are a part of your community.

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Choose between open and closed, depending on the flexibility you want to make additional payments or early repayment.


A flexible option, an open mortgage gives you the ability to repay any amount of the balance owing, at any time, without any penalty. Rates are typically higher than closed mortgages, so you can switch to a closed mortgage at any time.


Closed mortgages do not allow you to make extra payments or repay early, whenever you like, though can still pay up to 20% of the principal once a year on the anniversary date. Our closed mortgages give you the benefit of better rates than open.

Then, decide on whether you want the stability of fixing your interest rate right now, or are comfortable letting the rate vary with Prime.

Fixed Rate

Just like it sounds, you get to fix the interest rate for the term you choose, so your mortgage payments remain unchanged during that time too. This is a good choice if you want to lock in now and not worry about rate changes. You can still pay up to 20% of the principal once a year on the anniversary date.

Variable Rate

The interest rate fluctuates with our Prime rate, though your payments remain the same throughout the term you choose. So, if prime goes down, more of your monthly payment is applied to the mortgage and if Prime increases, more goes to the interest. You can lock into a fixed rate mortgage at any time.

Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the right product to suit your comfort level with interest rate variability and prepayment needs. Or, apply here now and we'll get back to you.