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Our new mobile banking app lets you deposit cheques, transfer funds, check balances and more.

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What do I need to use the app?

1. To be a member of Mountain View Financial – not a member? Call us at 1.844.648.6466 or visit your local branch!
2. To be set up on Online Banking (i.e. have a Mountain View Financial debit card and Personal Access Code (PAC)). If you don’t have a debit card or PAC, call us at 1.844.648.6466 to get setup.
3. An Apple account or ID (see Apple’s website for more details).
4. Either an iPhone® or iPod touch® with iOS 4 or higher (the app also works on iPads®), with access to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a cellular data network.

How do I download the app?

Open the App Store app on your phone and search for Mountain View Financial. Select the Mountain View Financial Mobile App and tap on its FREE button. You’ll then be asked for your Apple ID and password. When entered, the app will then immediately download and install on your phone.

What is QuickView?

The QuickView feature allows you to quickly see your account balances on the application home screen without having to log in. Just swipe the QuickView bar to view the balances of your other accounts. To turn QuickView on or off, go to Settings and select Preferences. If you’re sharing this device, it’s best to select OFF as your preference.

How do I turn off QuickView?

If you no longer wish to view your account balances without being logged into the app, log in to the app and go to Settings, then Preferences and then select OFF next to QuickView.

What is a Personal Access Code (PAC)?

Your Personal Access Code or “PAC” is the numeric password used to verify your identity while logging in to online banking. If you don’t have a PAC or you can’t remember yours, call us at 1.844.648.6466.

What is a "Nickname"?

To make remembering your membership details a little easier, you can assign a nickname to your accounts – such as “George's Account” or “Main Account”. If you’re using this device for more than one membership, you can give each login a distinct name.

How does the app handle multiple memberships?

In the Accounts screen, there is a heading devoted to each membership and that membership's accounts are shown below. This is similar to Online Banking. In the QuickView, accounts are listed in the same order as they are in Online Banking however, the membership number is not displayed. If you're finding your QuickView a bit confusing as a result, you can alter your account nicknames to better denote which accounts they are. (Account nicknames can only be edited in Online Banking and not from within the app.)

Can immediate bill payments be cancelled the same day using the app?

Yes. Go to the Scheduled screen, tap the payment, then tap the delete button.

Are confirmation numbers shown for bill payments?

Yes, at the bottom of the bill payment receipt screen after the payment is made.

How secure is the Mountain View Financial Mobile App?

The app uses the same level of security as Online Banking. Your Personal Access Code prevents unauthorized access and we advise that you do not save your secure passcode details anywhere on your device. We also ensure only minimal personal or banking information is saved and secured on your mobile device when using the QuickView and Saved Debit Card features.

Do you offer a BlackBerry or Windows Phone app?

Not at this time. Because of the popularity of the iPhone and Android we chose to develop a downloadable app for these platforms first. If you own a smart phone other than an iPhone and Android device (e.g. a BlackBerry or Windows Phone), you can conduct your banking via our mobile banking website at www.mountainviewfinancial.com/m. Find out more about Mobile Web Banking.

Will the app work on iPad and Android tablets?

Yes it will. The app can accommodate a wide range of screen sizes and displays well on larger devices such as iPads or Android tablets. The app can also be used on iPod touch.

What happens if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

If your mobile device gets lost or stolen, you can log in to Online Banking and deactivate your phone. Once you deactivate your phone through Online Banking, quick view won’t work anymore. You should also contact your mobile carrier to deactivate your phone, and call us at 1.844.648.6488 to change your PAC.

How much does the app cost?

The app is available for free from Apple’s iTunes App Store and from Google's Play Store. Because the app requires an active Internet connection to use, your mobile carrier may charge you for 3G wireless network data use, so ask your mobile carrier for more details. Accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi is generally free.

What happens if I enter my Personal Access Code (PAC) incorrectly?

If you enter your PAC incorrectly, you will receive a warning that you have entered the wrong code. Retype the code carefully. If you enter your PAC incorrectly three times, you will be locked out of online banking for 24 hours.

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