Deposit Anywhere


Deposit Anywhere™

It’s safe and simple.

With our new Mobile App, and the Deposit Anywhere™ feature, you can deposit a cheque anywhere life takes you. It’s safe and simple.

After you download the Mobile App, you can start depositing cheques right away! Just click on deposit and follow the simple steps to Deposit Anywhere™.


What do I do with the cheque after it’s been deposited?

Please write “Deposited via Mobile” on the cheque without obscuring any other information. You should destroy them after 90 days.

Will it detect stale dated/ post dated cheques?

No, the system will look to see if the date is input but does not validate if it has a proper date.

Will it detect different body and figure amounts?

No. Deposit Anywhere™ reads the figure (digits) for the deposit amount only.

What happens if the picture is bad or part of the cheque is cut off?

You will get the following message. Try to take the picture in better lighting or direct sunlight.

What happens if I don’t enter the right amount?

You will not be able to deposit the cheque and the following message will come up.

Will the deposit show up immediately in my account?

Cheques will take up to two business days to be deposited to your account. Your cheque deposit may be held up to 5 days once deposited.

Please call us at 1.844.648.6466 or visit your local branch for help with Deposit Anywhere™.