With your MEMBER CARD® debit card and your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you will have access to your account through any point-of-sale machine or ATM worldwide. If you do not yet have a MEMBER CARD® debit card, contact your local branch to get started with this convenient service today.

In order to provide increased convenience for you, we have converted all MEMBER CARD® debit cards to the new INTERAC† Flash technology. If you have any questions about your new card, please refer here or contact us.

If your card is ever lost or stolen, please call 1-888-277-1043 immediately.


As a Mountain View Financial member, you not only have access to all of our branch locations and ATMS, but also to the thousands of credit union ATMs across the country, 24-7.

A number of ATMs charge a fee of $1.25 or more (called a ‘surcharge’), that is above any regular service charges associated with your account. So, a good way to save money is to make sure you use your MEMBER CARD® at any of the 265 credit union ATMs across Alberta, or over 2,400 ATMs across Canada, which are all surcharge-free for credit union members.

Look for the ACCULINK® sign on an ATM near you for any of the following services:

  • Account Inquiries
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfers

At Alberta credit union ATMs, you also have access for:

  • Bill Payments
  • Chip Card PIN selection services

Find an ATM near you:

For international ATM service, be sure to look for the CIRRUS® symbol.