Additional Services


Square has everything you need to start, run, and grow your business. From payment processing to real-time sales tracking, Square makes it simple to manage your entire business from one place. Accept payments anywhere with Square’s secure card reader, then get your money as fast as the next business day. Take care of inventory, digital receipts, sales reports, and more, all from Square’s free point-of-sale app. Start selling with Square today.

Accept Credit Cards Anywhere

The free Square magstripe reader works with the free Square point-of-sale app to help you take payments anywhere with your mobile device.

Clear Pricing, Fast Deposits

With Square, you pay 2.65% per swipe for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We can also accept Interact Flash (Contactless Debit Cards) at 10¢ per transaction. Get your money as fast as the next business day.

All Business, Less Work

Payments, tipping, digital receipts, inventory, reports, and more - the free Square point-of-sale app makes the hard stuff easy.

Powerful Enough For Everyone

From repair services and retail stores to bakeries and beauty salons, Square has the tools to serve every kind of business.


Merchant Services

Fast, reliable and uninterrupted transaction processing is crucial to the success of your business.  That's why Mountain View Financial has partnered with Everlink Payment Services.  Everlink is committed to providing our Commercial Members with some of the lowest processing rates, the best service quality, and a leading edge technology which allow you to accept Interac, Visa and MasterCard payment cards securely through countertop, WiFi and Bluetooth, or Long Range Wireless Solutions.

Competitive Flat Rate Pricing

Low cost, flat rate pricing, allows you to qualify for the lowest interchange rates charged by Interac, Visa, MasterCard and other card networks.  And, there are no hidden costs - what we tell you before you sign the contract is what you'll see in the contract and on your statement.

Deployment and Service Management

With Everlink's state-of-the-art terminals, you simply plug it in and start processing immediately.  If you have any questions, Everlink has established a specialized service management team of experts that can walk you through the process.  Furthermore, for any service question you may have, a 24/7/365 help desk is available, free of charge.


All persons authorized by the Commercial Member will have access to the real-time Resource OnLine ("ROL") reporting tool.  This is a robust reporting tool that provides up-to-date details on indiviual transactions, chargebacks, check balances and confirm deposits, verify daily sales, and monitor financial adjustments, as well as a variety of other detailed information.

The Protection of Risk Services

Everlink's risk analysts monitor daily deposit activity for thousands of merchants using one of the most versatile and efficient risk management systems in the industry.  Everlink's staff can monitor retrieval requests, chargebacks and card association reports to detect potential issues before they become problems.

Merchant Benefits of Accepting Payment Cards

  • Increased Sales & Average Ticket Size
  • Better Customer Service & Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Speed, Efficiency & Cash Flow - Lower Costs
  • Enhance Your Business Image & Match Your Competition.

Ask us how we can take your business to the next level! Call us at 1.844.648.6466 or visit local branch for more information on Merchant Services.

Payroll Services

Payroll services are available for our business members. Depending on your requirements, you can create credits to pay employees electronically or debits to collect payment from multiple customers on a scheduled basis.

Call us at 1.844.648.6466 or visit your local branch for more information on Payroll Services.

Night Depository

Securely deposit cash and cheques after hours with our night depository. Deposits are credited to the member’s account the next business day. Lockable or self-sealing bags are available.


View your electronic statement through Online Banking instead of receiving a paper copy in the mail, saving you time and a few trees in the process.

Benefits of eStatements:

  • No more clutter and no more filing. You have access to 7 years of statements electronically (from the date of our banking system conversion in November, 2010)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Save time: your eStatements will be available for viewing faster than the paper copy can be mailed
  • View, print or save your eStatement to your own computer
  • Secure, convenient access anywhere; all you need is an internet connection
  • View the front and back of individual cheques
  • Free. Plus, as a result of the cost reduction, members can benefit through Profit Sharing

Call us at 1.844.648.6466, visit your local branch or contact us by email to opt out of your paper statement today.

Overdraft Protection

Make sure you always have enough in your account to cover all your transactions. Overdraft protection is revolving credit that gives you the flexibility to borrow and repay as much as you need up to your authorized limit.

  • Attaches to your existing chequing account
  • Only pay interest on the funds used
  • Convenience of always having extra funds available, without having to re-apply for a loan.

Visit our Business Borrowing section to apply today.


A convenient way to send certified funds in any dollar amount, drafts are available in Canadian and U.S. funds for any amount.

Contact us at 1.844.648.6466 or visit your local branch for more information. Fees apply for this service.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety deposit boxes are a safe, fire-proof place to store your valuables and important documents. Located inside the vault, your box will be accessible only during regular branch hours. Various sizes and availability vary by branch location.

Wire Transfers

Easily transfer or receive money electronically between your Mountain View Financial account and another account almost anywhere in the world.

Contact us at 1.844.648.6466 or visit your local branch to learn more about wire transfers, including the information you will need to provide and currencies available. We charge a fee for both incoming and outgoing wire transfers.