Common Shares


As a member-owned credit union, everything we do is for the benefit of our members, communities and employees.  Best of all, our members share in our profits each year.  It's our way of saying thanks for banking with us.

This year, our awesome member-owners enjoyed over $14 million in dividends.

Every member receives dividends for their investment shares and common shares!

Interested in making Common Shares part of your investment strategy?  It's easy.

You can purchase up to 200,000 Common Shares for just $1.00 per share to help diversify your portfolio, and your annual dividends are paid based on the combined total of Common Shares purchased and your accumulated bonuses and dividends.  Common Shares are RSP eligible.

To see a history of our Profit Sharing and Common Share dividend rates, please click here.

Make Common Shares a part of your investment and savings strategy today!

* Common Shares are not an insured deposit and are not protected under the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.